12 Tags of Christmas...{day 11}

Kohta on tageilyt loppu, nyyh!! Tänään olisi pitänyt itse tehdä haaraniitit, en keksinyt miten olisin ne toteuttanut niin päädyin anopin virkkaamiin kukkiin.
This tag making will soon be over :( I should have made my own brads, but just didn't know how (without the "thing") so I decided to go with crocheted flowers that my mother-in-law has made for me.

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TropicLuv kirjoitti...

At last, you've completed the full 12 days! Super job, they are all so pretty! Aloha & hugs J:)

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Thank you for your comment in my blog;D! WOW! Gorgeous tag, love it!! I'm now a follower, you make the most beautiful things;D!
Hugs Ida:o)!